Live Multimedia Coverage from the „German-African Campus“

Text: Lambert Sehoubo / Pictures und Videos: Benjamin Pritzkuleit and Lambert Sehoubo


About Lambert Sehoubo:


Lambert Sehoubo already realised at an early stage the importance of international cooperations between universities. For which reason he became involved together with the Weitblick e.V. non-profit organisation to improve education opportunities, as well as in the "ACT – United Against Stereotypes" project which aims to counter prejudices. "German-African cooperations facilitate the exchange of knowledge and enrich both sides thanks to the intercultural experiences," Lambert Sehoubo said. What he appreciated especially about the "German-African Campus" was the opportunity to get to know other ideas and projects, establish new networks and deepen those already in place.

Friday, 20.06.2014

13.00: Initial Meetings and Encounters


The first person whom I met at the "German-African Campus" was my friend Wendgounda Ouedraogo from Burkina Faso, a very intelligent businessman and a funny guy, who wants to promote and facilitate development in his country by means of an innovative project. Together with his friend Eloundou from Cameroon, they have founded a company: Global-Business-Eloundou-Ouedraogo. They produce technological products and intend to sell these in Africa using highly varied and different partnerships.

Later on I had an opportunity to get to know an African by the name of Hanza Diman, who has already lived in Germany for almost five years. He is studying for his MA at Bayreuth University. I was very impressed by his knowledge of German civilisation and German society. And I was also surprised to learn that he comes from Benin, just like I do. Can you imagine my surprise hearing and being able to speak my mother tongue thousands of kilometres from home. He is currently working for a project that maintains and enhances African culture by means of games and sports.

14.00: Market of Opportunities


At the Market of Opportunities, I visited the stand from a unique organisation, one which is characterised to a great extent by the drive and the far-sightedness of its members. The non-profit "Weitblick e.V." student association, which is located at the University of Münster, is involved in a cooperation project with the University of Abomey-Calavi in Benin in West Africa. This project is entitled "Uni-baut-Uni" (or "Uni Builds Uni" in English), which means that one university builds up another university. For this reason, on the one hand the project supports the exchange of students and teaching staff, and on the other hand their infrastructure as well. The first student from this university will soon have the opportunity to study for a semester at the University of Münster.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to present Lisa Klingenberg to you, a very special person from Germany. Together with young people from Africa, and especially from Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia and Benin (me in this case), she has established a project by the name of "ACT - United Against Stereotypes". Our idea with it: To have a more just and fairer world, without prejudices and without value judgements about races, cultures and the peoples of this world. Because in reality we are all equal!

Saturday, 21.06.2014
11.00 Innovation Labs


During one of the workshops, I followed the presentation of a project from Yorck Diergarten with great interest. He wants to promote and boost German-African partnerships and at the same time strengthen the creative minds of children by, for instance, having children read African and German novels and having discussions about them afterwards. The intention here is to awaken their interest in others. Yorck Diergarten aim was to have exchanges at the conference with experts about the practical implementation of his initiative and meet potential partners who would accompany him on his wonderful adventure. Lots of luck!

One of the most amazing encounters I had at the "German-African Campus" was the meeting with Dr. John Akude Emeka from the German Development Institute (DIE). He is a very charismatic man and convincing in his ideas. Although I only had a very short talk with him, I admired him and approved of his noble aim.

At the end, I spent some wonderful moments in the company of these fabulous people from the field of university education in Africa and Germany. Personally, I gained quite a lot of new knowledge above and beyond the objectives of the conference initiators. May I take this opportunity to thank all of the organisers of the "German-African Campus" and wish them much success in their future events.